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With my eldest daughter we had a very basic baby monitor. It reminded me very much of a walkie talkie type system, there was no camera, no light show and only one lullaby that to be honest was a little rubbish. It didn't last very long, the unit kept cutting out and so we upgraded to another one.

With my youngest we decided to invest in a camera monitor as we needed to see both children and listen in to both girls at the same time. They were both under 2 and so safety was a huge concern. The monitor was great and we loved it, but as they grew older we no longer needed it and we gave it to a friend of ours.

Baby monitors have certainly changed a lot in only a matter of years. The Summer Infant babble band is perhaps one of the most innovative monitors I have seen in a long time. The unit which sits in the child room, is a simple listening in unit. Whist it does not have the singing and dancing functions of temperature, lullabies or light shows, it does pick up sound with crystal clear clarity as if you are still in the room. For me this is the most important aspect of a baby monitor, how well you can hear your little one.

The really clever part is the parent unit. This has been designed as a watch, the unit is worn on your wrist and is size adjustable. I neither wear a watch or jewellery on a daily basis so was apprehensive to how I would feel wearing the band. It is lightweight, soft to touch and really comfortable. I have no issues wearing it and neither does my husband. As you wear the parent unit, it ,means it is with you at all times. There is none of the usual forgetting to pick the parent unit up, or juggling with carrying too many items. The unit is simply there on your wrist as you get about your evening.

The parent unit fits neatly on top of the unit in the child's room. When stored like this it also charges, so no need to replace any batteries. There is also no need to have a separate base sat taking up valuable space on the side table to charge up the parent unit. Everything simply fits together, sleek and elegant and minimal room needed.

There are 3 modes to the parent unit. The first lets you hear the sounds coming from the child's room, the second vibrates when a sound is detected and the third is no sound or vibrate. The parent unit does show with lights if a sound is detected so a visual representation is always present. One of my favourite parts of the parent unit is the listening in function. By simply touching the middle of the face of the. Babble band, you can listen in and once your finger is removed it stops listening in.

The babble band is a true innovation in child safety. A wearable baby monitor allowing you to listen to your child and ensure their safety. We would not be without it.

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  1. what a fab idea!! Wish i'd had this when my two were babies.


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