A 5 month update

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These months really do seem to be whizzing past.

Little man turned 21 weeks old on Wednesday and with it 5 months. His personality is now starting to appear and he has a little cheeky grin he does. I love it when he laughs and brings his hands clasped together up to his face. He loves to be kissed and tickled and this usually results in him laughing. He seems to really love to laugh and often for no reason just starts laughing as you hold him, which then makes everyone else laugh too.

He smiles at everyone, and everyone comments on how happy he is. He rarely cries but when he does it is a full on cry which breaks my heart, it is usually due to tiredness or hunger and both can be easily fixed. He is feeding really well and at the minute it is a constant desire to feed, which makes me think he is ready for weaning.

We have just moved into size 3-6 month clothes, although most still swamp him and when he was weighed last week he was 6kg and still on one of the lower percentiles. I love his petite size but he does have very big feet which makes me wonder if he will grow to be tall.

He loves to stand and given any opportunity will pull himself to standing. He also loves to sit up and in recent days when in the bath he sits himself forward. I am not sure if this is because he wants to look at the bubbles or if he is fascinated in certain parts of his anatomy, but either way he cannot be persuaded to sit back in the bath.

His favourite things are playing row, row, row your boat and bouncing in his jumperoo. He is such a happy and smiley little boy that always seems so content and happy. He started rolling over this month and it seems there is now no stopping him. Constantly wiggling and squirming to get to where he wants to be, his legs pulled in a crawling position but his face in the floor. I think he is almost there. He now rolls over in his sleep too and seems much happier sleeping in his front.

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