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For quite some time my youngest daughter has been asking for sand, but not just any sand she wants sparkly sand that she can make things with. When I heard about Cra-z-Sand I knew she would want to have a try.

Cra-z-Sand is mould able sand. It can be sprinkled like sand, but has a stickier consistency which means it moulds together really well. Loose pieces of the Cra-z-Sand can be picked up together in a ball, a bit like when you clean blue tac off a wall using bits of other blue tac.

We received the glitter pony Cra-z-Sand set. The sand was full of glitter, very sparkly and with three colours. The pink, blue and white soon all got mixed together to form a purple but it is still used just as much. The sand is placed into moulds and carefully constructed shares are formed.

Cra-z-Sand is perfect for little fingers and developing fine motor skills. It got the girls thinking and using their imagination to build different shapes. My youngest daughter simply loves her Cra-z-Sand play set and has asked for another with different colours for Christmas.

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