Getting lost

I had set my alarm to get up and ready for parkrun this morning, however a 7am alarm after getting up at 5am for a hungry Little Man resulted in the plan becoming abandoned.  When we did finally awake the weather looked beautiful, perhaps a little cloudy in places but it felt warm and so wanting to make the most of the day we headed out.

Maize Maze in Cawthorne has been on our wish list for quite some time and we decided today we would go and give it a try.  There were plenty of games to play before the maze, with the girls taking a particular liking to the ring toss.

We are trying some new training techniques with Spotty Dog to help her combat her fear of other dogs, [Yes a dog who is scared of dogs] and we were really happy at how well she responded to them whilst we were out.  She watched eagerly as the girls threw the rings, I think secretly wanting to catch them.

At the entrance to the maze the girls were each given a flag.  The temperature had dropped slightly and I began to wish I had brought a coat with me, but luckily once inside the maze we could not feel the wind.  The girls were incredibly happy with their flags.

My eldest started out very competitive and began to lead us around the maze

After walking around for some time my youngest wanted her turn to lead, and the girls took it in turns to work out which way to go.

My youngest though soon got a little scared as she was worried we would never get out.  I reassured her and said we are supposed to get lost, that is all part of the fun which cheered her up.

The girls made their way over to the look out bridge to take a look at the maze from above.  It was then we spotted the rain clouds in the distance.

The cold rain came down really fast and we all got soaked to the bone.  Luckily we were almost at the end with only a few right turns to go!

We really wanted to stay and play, and to take our time more in the maze but unfortunately the rain was just too much.  I did not have a coat and I had left the rain cover for the pushchair at home.  I feel we shall return next year to tackle the new design!

This day I love Getting Lost

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  1. Ahh! It looks like you had great fun. It's such a shame the rain had to come and ruin it x


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