Review : Babymoov compact chair

Little Man loves to sit up.  He loves to watch the world go by and take in his surroundings.  With the nice weather the girls have spent most days outside playing and Little Man has wanted to join them.  He has not been very content laying on the picnic blanket in the garden, and when sat up with pillows he has an urge to start crawling and gets frustrated, so I needed a solution.  The Babymoov compact chair provided this.

Whilst the Babymoov compact chair is designed for babies over 18 months of age, it worked for Little Man.  It is also designed to act as a portable highchair and using the straps can be securely fastened to a chair to provide a high chair when out and about.  We use it in the garden, as a seat for Little Man to play and watch his sisters.

He was incredibly happy with his new found freedom.  He was secure in the chair and well supported, and loved having the tray to pat his hands on and play with his toys.  

There is some assembly required out the box, this was a little fiddly, but once done it does not need doing again.  Everything folds together incredibly compact which makes it really portable.  There are also 3 adjustable heights making it grow with baby and last longer. 

Given the weather was so nice we decided to have lunch in the garden.  The girls sat at their picnic table and Little Man made full use of his Babymoov compact chair. 

Little Man was incredibly happy to be able to have his lunch outside and with his sisters.  He loved his new perspective on the garden and the outside world.  

We will be taking the Babymoov compact booster chair with us when we go for picnics or when we go to visit parents as it is perfect for travelling and for use both indoors and out. 

The compact booster chair was provided for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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