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We are still very much at the beginning of our weaning journey with Little Man and as it is school holidays I simply have not had the time to make him home made food and purée. I do however want to give him a good start in his journey and introduce him to new flavours but staying within a healthy and natural food range. In the news recently there has been a lot about the health benefits from a Mediterranean diet. My husband and I would love to follow a Mediterranean diet, when we travelled there the food was one of our highlights and we noticed a big change in how well the girls ate too.

Piccolo is a new baby food range that is inspired by the Mediterranean approach to health and well being. Their CEO has spent her carer campaigning for good, honest and natural food and she aims to encourage healthy eating from 6 months. The range of six flavours from Piccolo are clearly influenced by her Italian roots and are made from 100% natural ingredients. Piccolo also donate 10% of profits to food education and is the first baby food brand to work with the NCT (National Childbirth Trust).

I was excited to let little man try Piccolo and the range of flavours sounded fantastic. I am even tempted to use the banana blueberry and apple with a hint of vanilla as my food when I refuel on long runs.

Little man seemed just as keen to try Piccolo and he could not wait to get his hands on them.

We did almost have tears when he knocked it off the tray and onto the grass. The packaging of Piccolo is bright and colourful and I love the modern look and feel to the pouch. I was also really impressed with the texture of the pouch itself as it felt smooth and of a higher quality than other baby food pouches.

Little man could not wait any longer and so I opened the pouch to give him his first spoonful. He played around with the flavour in his mouth before grabbing the spoon and asking for more.

He appeared to really enjoy the flavour and devoured the pouch.

He enjoyed it so much that he finished the entire pouch in one go!

I was pleasantly surprised too as the food had a great smooth texture without being too watery. I have had other baby food that has just appeared to be like water, but this looked the same has homemade purée. It also has a lovely aroma to it, which again reminds me of home cooking.

Little man has tried all six flavours and his favourite, by a long way, is spring greens. I can guarantee he will finish this one every time and at super speed. He usually has cherry yoghurt flavour for his breakfast. It took him a little while to get used to red pepper squash and chickpea, perhaps the flavours but he has now started eating it and usually has at least half a pouch. I like that he has his own mind and knows which flavours he prefers.

Piccolo baby food certainly does what it promises. It looks and smells like homemade purée and you can certainly see the Mediterranean influence in the flavours. I have bee really impressed and little man has really enjoyed tasting them.

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