Rockin' baby sling

Little man has had a couple of days recently where he has not wanted to be put down. It may have something to do with how tired he is, as the girls wake him up when he naps. As a result I have had a tired little boy. The hot weather has meant that the girls are wanting to play and wanting my attention, so I cannot simply sit and hold a little man, a sling is an absolute must for us at the minute.

The warmer whether has meant that we need something to keep us both cool, and our new Rockin' baby single ply sling has been perfect. The light weight cotton material had kept us cool and it has meant little man can nap in peace and comfort whilst I can still play with the girls or get a few pieces done.

I love the colours and patterns on the Rockin' baby slings, we already use one of their pouches so this is the perfect addition to our growing sling collection. As it is a Rockin' baby pouch we also know that Rockin' baby will donate a sling to a mother in need in one of 30 countries. I love that Rockin' baby have partnered with child fund international to do this, as the benefits of sling or pouch wearing are amazing and to be able to pass this one to others is such a fantastic thing to do.

I simply love our Rockin' baby sling and the freedoms it provides us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking at a sling or a pouch.

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