Review : Baby Annabell Bedroom

My youngest in particular loves dolls, or babies as she prefers to call them.  She gets them ready every night before bed and makes sure they have milk in the morning.  Her babies though need somewhere special to call their own.

The Baby Annabell Bedroom is an adorable canvas house, decorated in the iconic Baby Annabell print.  It opens up to reveal something rather special.

Inside are a mirror and hooks to hang all the essential items.  A wardrobe with storage compartment, complete with a blanket and pillow.    The wardrobe has a hanging rail to hang all babies clothes and space to store other items.

On the other side is a fold out canvas bed, perfect for baby

The Baby Annabell bedroom even comes with a cot mobile to hang over the bed

The Baby Annabell bedroom is such a wonderful playset.  I love that it comes with everything you would need for your baby and how it can spark such imagination in the girls.  This is a really wonderful gift for any child who loves to play babies.

All words are my own opinion 

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