Snuggles My dream Puppy review

We have two dogs, J and Spotty dog but my Youngest daughter has asked for another for Christmas.  She seems to have a connection with animals, unless it is a fly she has a fear of those, and wants to be with them and near them at all times.  Her dream, so she says, is to make animals of the sea better when she is older.

Whilst not wanting to disappoint her I also cannot have another dog to look after.  Two dogs and three children I think is my current limit, but I would like to provide her with her Christmas wish.  After researching online I discovered that on Argos Christmas top gift list is a My Dream Puppy which is part of the Little Live Pets range from Character Options.  Snuggles looks perfect.

My youngest daughter can adopt Snuggles, as he has his own adoption certificate, in the same way we adopted Spotty dog.  She will love to feed him with the bottle that is included, and treat him as her very own baby.

Snuggles moves like a real dog, his tummy moves in and out as he breathes.  His eyes move and close when he gets tired and he makes real dog noises. Snuggles is also incredibly soft and cuddly.

Until it is time to make my youngest daughter Christmas wish come true I will be taking good care of Snuggles, but with just less cleaning up after him than the real dogs!

Snuggles is the perfect present for Christmas for anyone who is wanting a dog but is unable to have a real one.

All words are my own opinion 

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