Take in or Take out?

We were challenged by Philips to swap one take away a week to a take in, and to use their new air fryer to do so. As a family we do tend to rely on the convenience of take away and particularly during the week as the girls have clubs after school and it is usually quicker to feed them on the drive there. Whilst I do try to cook every day it is simply not always possibly and so the take out becomes an option.

First on our list was chicken nuggets and chips. This is perhaps a firm favourite of the girls, so in my mind if the air fryer cooked this well then we were automatically onto a winner. We made the nuggets from scratch and it was actually really easy to do and probably took the same amount of time for the oven to heat up for frozen ones. The air fryer takes 3 mins to pre heat, which is actually very quick.
I was really impressed that no oil is needed, so the nuggets were simply placed in the basket, we fitted in 12, and then straight into the air fryer for 8 minutes. Overall much quicker than traditional cooking methods and they tasted fantastic.

If like we did you want to cook 2 or more items, you obviously need to wait for one to cook before cooking the other. Perhaps this is the only draw back, but it is no different to a conventional fryer or other fryers on the market. We have worked out how to cook the perfect chip, thanks to the handy guide, but are still working out how to get sweet potato chips just right.

Since cooking chicken nuggets we have made curries, meat balls and even chocolate brownies. I love the convenience of making my own chips and love knowing exactly how they have been made, it makes me happier to give the girls chips this way. My eldest has taken a really interest in cooking since we got the air fryer, and often asks to cook with it. Swapping a take out for a take in has never been easier.

As for the cleaning up, it fits in the dishwasher or is very simple to wash by hand. There is no oil so no grease to contend with and most of the time it simply wipes clean. A win all round,

Thanks to Philips for asking us to take part in this challenge, all words are my own opinion 

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