A super surprise

As a family we have a real love for superheros.  The girls were able to recognise almost every Marvel and DC Comic character before they could recognise Disney Princess and given a choice they usually choose to dress as superhero than as a princess.  Last week I picked the girls up from school as normal, and asked them if they wanted to dress up as superheros!  They immediately jumped at the chance.

They had no idea what we were going to do next but I started getting them in the car, as if to take them to swimming, only we did not go to swimming we went to Nottingham!  

There were lots of questions in the car, and lots of guessing but they could not work it out.  They were ever so excited.  As we entered the arena their excitement grew even more and then the show began.  We were at the opening night of Marvel Universe Live and amongst the first people to see the show in Europe. 

The show was visually stunning with lots of effects.  The girls in awe as their superheros appeared in front of them.

Each scene was fast paced, with high energy stunts.  Actors flying through the air, bikes performing amazing tricks and action based stunts from all performers.  

We loved that the characters stayed true to form, incredible detail and accuracy and extremely well portrayed. 

Feld Entertainment should be incredibly proud of the performance, the girls loved it and became really engrossed in the story.

One of the highlights for the girls was seeing Hulk and all the Avengers assemble!

The girls were unbelievably excited and did not stop talking the whole car journey home.  They discussed the whole show and did superhero moves in the car.  They absolutely loved the show as did the whole family, even Little Man

This day I love A super surprise 

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