The day with the numbers

Since the girls returned to school my weekends seem to be spent running and doing homework with the girls.  They do seem to have rather a lot, both have spellings to learn, both reading to do, writing, maths and a task to complete from this terms activity list.  I try to fit their homework into our day to day task, otherwise we would never leave the table as there is just so much of it, especially with two children!

My youngest homework for maths this week is to find numbers when doing the shopping.  I do my shopping during the week when they are at school, as taking 3 children round the supermarket is no fun at all.  I did however need to buy some new storage boxes so we headed over to the new JYSK store in Dewsbury to take a look.

My youngest found numbers everywhere, on the ceiling, on the walls and even on the floor.  She found numbers on tags, on posters and even on the watch of the store manager.  She even asked one member of staff why there are lots of '9'.  We went around the whole store and she pointed out all the different numbers that she could see.

After our number hunt, and I did get my storage boxes at a very bargain price, we headed over to Leeds for a spot of bowling at Hollywood bowl.  

Before bowling we had dinner in their diner and I used this opportunity to not only spot numbers but also to do some word recognition and phonics work with her.  She spotted letters, and sounded out words on the menu 'Hot' 'Dog' 'My' 'The' 'Bun' 'and' 'in' 'on' 'of' to name a few. 

After Little Man worked out that my camera had a selfie button, which he kept pressing, it was time to begin bowling.

The girls were really good at taking turns and it was not too long before my eldest began to take things really seriously.  Questioning herself on her throws and wondering why she had not knocked all the pins down.

There was a lot of score watching and discussion from both girls.  Working out how many they needed to win and who was currently in the lead.

My youngest often seeking comfort and reassurance as she watched the ball head towards the pins.

Occasionally throwing the odd Diva strop when the pins did not quite fall her way.

The girls had very different bowling styles, my youngest very delicate and taking her time.  Making sure everything was lined up and just so. 

My eldest on the other hand, adopted the run very fast and throw it approach.

I did let the girls take my final turn together, they watched in anticipation to see how the pins would fall.

We had a wonderful day learning about numbers and lots of fun was had bowling too!

This day I love the day with numbers

We were invited bowling at Hollywood bowl, all words are my own opinion 

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