Trick or treat?

We have returned from Portugal to the mad rush of Halloween.  Houses decorated, pumpkins carved and costumes sorted.  On the other hand, we have no decorations, I have searched high and low to find a pumpkin but with no result and our costumes arrived this morning.  The girls returned to school today excited by the prospect of trick or treating tonight.  I have spent the day running around trying to get things organised but with little luck.

I have been talking with other parents on our street regarding trick or treating and we all agree on the following:

1. We only knock on the doors of those with decorations or pumpkins outside.  To us it shows a willingness to partake in Halloween.

2. No trick or treating after 7.30.  Most kids are in bed at this time and we would not appreciate it.

3. No effort no sweets. 

4. Be polite and also take No for a no.  Not everyone wants to take part in Halloween

5. Stay Safe.  We are going in a group and we know the route and the houses we are going to.

Are you trick or treating and if so do you have rules you stick to?

The infographuc used has been created by Bright Horizons day care in Manchester and I have been compensated to feature it.  

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