New HIPP Baby care range

As a family we are very familiar with the HiPP baby brand.  When the girls were babies we used night time formula milk for them, and used a range of the HiPP baby foods.  We do the same with Little Man, and just like the girls, he has a liking for the HiPP baby cocoa and vanilla desert.  If you have not tried it you really should!

HiPP have recently released a new range of baby care products, this time for cleaning baby.  There has been a fair bit in the news recently about microbeads and I was pleased to learn that the new Baby care range from HiPP did not contain any microbeads or any parabens.  The whole range is 'Free from' which means it is softer and kinder to skin and even suitable for my eldest daughter to use and she has eczema. 

Within the Baby care range is foaming handwash.  I love anyway to encourage children to wash their hands, as if we are honest kids would rather run back to play then spend time washing their hands.  This foaming handwash is rather fun and the girls could not wait to wash their hands.

The shape of the duck is the perfect size for little hands to press and there is a good size foam to give little hands a really good wash.  There is no smell associated with the hand foam and it leaves hands feeling really soft.

There are three other items in the HiPP baby care range.  Little Man loves his baths and at 6.30 every night he has a little moan if he is not in the bath.  It is almost an in built thing, and he lets us know every day that it is bath time.

As with the handwash I noticed no smell with any of the baby care range and each one gave a no tears comment.  Little Man certainly had no tears and loved splashing around in the soft bubbles.

His skin and hair left clean and every so soft after his bath.  I think he is a fan of the new HiPP baby care range!

We were sent samples for this review, all words are my own opinion 

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