Bonfire night and fireworks

Bonfire night seemed to creep up on us this year.  Unlike previous years were we had looked and researched different bonfires, this year we decided to attend a free local bonfire.

I am not sure what it is about fire but I find them so hypnotic and peaceful.  I love watching the flames flicker and dance, and the tiny sparks and embers twirling in the dark night sky.  The heat was very much needed given the cold crisp November night.

There were two fireworks displays, the first much quieter fireworks and on early.  It was done this way for younger children who needed to go home for bed.  I decided to play around with the camera and try and capture some more artistic type shots.  I quite like the deliberate out of focus ones!

After the children's fireworks the girls wanted to try out some of the fairground rides.  The girls were allowed to pick 4 rides to go on each, after all they ranged in price from £2 up to £5 so I had to limit the spend and they were instantly drawn to the slides.

Followed by the fun house and some high flying rides.

We seemed to time it well as once the girls had finished their fourth ride the main fireworks started.  Bright colours and lots of bangs the main display simply did not disappoint. 

We will be returning again next year to this bonfire and firework display.  It was a lovely evening with the girls and great to find an event not charging for entry!

This day I love Bonfire night and fireworks

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