Have your cake and eat it

Those that know me know that I cannot resist cake.  Well anything sweet for that matter.  If given the chance to eat cake and combine this with my other passions I am very unlikely to say no.  The chances of this happening were at one point thought to be slightly non existent but it is exactly what happened a few weeks ago

I received an email from Fenetic Wellbeing, they are a mobility company who provide customers with the right healthcare and mobility products tailored towards an need individual needs, inviting me to their #WalkForWellbeing day.  I was excited by this as it meant a day out with the family, but even better was the location.

First though we had a very important event to attend. My eldest daughter had achieved her half marathon status at junior park run and it was her award ceremony. It is not always easy to get up at 7am on a Sunday to go running but she manages to do it every week. Not only that but she begs to go. I love her enthusiasm and desire to run. Her face when she was presented says how proud she was of her achievement.

After running we made the drive over to Harrogate and the #WalkForWellbeing. Our location was at the stunning RHS Harlow Carr and Betty's tea rooms.  Fenetic Wellbeing gave us a presentation on the company and the importance of keeping active after which we were given afternoon tea.

Once we had had our fill of cake we proceeded to the beautiful gardens of RHS Harlow Carr.  Here I was able to indulge in another passion, photography. Our guide was knowledgeable and great with the kids. We loved exploring the gardens and having a mini adventure.

Harlow Carr was a new place for us to explore. The grounds are mostly pushchair friendly, we had the odd sticking point and there is plenty for the family to do.  Trees, shrubs and more for the kids to explore and use their imagination. Colours and scents to dazzle the senses. History to entertain. Great playgrounds for the kids and even hedgehogs and chickens to see.

Even though it rained the entire day the whole family had fun.  For us we love to simply explore and discovering RHS Harlow Carr was a real treat.  The weather will never stop our fun, as you simply dress for the weather and our top tip is to get out and see regardless of the weather. Have fun and make the best of the day.

We returned home having created some wonderful memories as a family and are looking forward to our next adventure.  Thank you Fenetic Wellbeing for inviting us.

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