Christmas Gift guide for Book lovers

Every year we like to give the girls a book for Christmas, and we also like to have a new book with a Christmas or winter theme.  I love giving the gift of reading as it is a gift like no other.  Watching a child become engrossed in a book and listening to their imagination as they interact with a story is such a wonderful feeling.  The same extends for adult hood, I love nothing more than escaping into a good book.  Hiding away and shutting out the world and just becoming engrossed in the text on the pages, is a feeling you cannot compare anything to.

We are a family of book lovers and so it is only fitting that I put together a gift guide for book lovers like us.

1. A book for Christmas

We love reading a Christmas themed book and one of our favourites this year is The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleavan.  This book is a simply wonderful tale about the snowflakes and how they are created, but it also teaches children to appreciate and value the uniqueness in each of us.  It is a heart warming tale and perfect for cuddling up to on a winters night.

2. A Book for Children

A few months ago we review Create me books.  These are truly unique books that put your children into the heart of the story.  The girls love them and love to dress up as their Princess character.  They would make a perfect gift for any child.

3. A book for an adult

As a family we love to travel and explore new places.  I can remember as a child looking forward to visiting Butlin's.  With the emphisis on family and family fun, it is certainly a place I have many happy memories.  We have been really lucky to visit Butlin's with the girls and most recently with Little Man.  The girls talk about Butlin's rather a lot and ask to go back with each advert they see on television.  

Butlin's has changed quite a lot over the years and this year marks its 80th anniversary.  To celebrate Butlin’s presents its first official book ‘The Nations Host: Butlin’s and the story of the British Seaside’.  The book has been written in collaboration with acclaimed seaside historian Kathryn Ferry. Kathryn has had unique access to the Butlin’s Heritage Collection archives, and has uncovered many images and items never seen before.

The book is simply amazing.  I have spent many hours flicking through the pages, reminiscing about the monorail that I can remember so well.  Looking at the chalets as they used to be, and admiring the new inspired chalets.  I think many of us have a memory of visiting Butlin's , either as a child with family, on a school trip or perhaps later in life.  Butlin's is a British tradition and the book brings back wonderful childhood memories for me.  It would certainly make a wonderful and treasured gift for anyone with fond Butlin's memories.

4. A little different

I saw this book rest/table light on Red candy and fell in love

I think it is simply amazing.  For the book lover it provides a light by which to read your books, it gives a space to store your book and it also acts as a handy page marker, so you know exactly where you are!  I think this is such a fantastic idea!

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