Cheering up my youngest

You may have seen on my Instagram feed that my youngest had a rather nasty accident.  Without going into the gory details we have another follow up appointment next week to check again for any permanent damage, as when we first went there was too much swelling.  She still has no feeling in her top teeth and has to avoid food of extreme temperatures, and we won't know until she looses her baby teeth what, if any, damage has been done to her adult teeth.  In a bid to cheer her up she has had a few new treats, I know Christmas is coming but when your daughter has a very nasty accident you have to do something to take their mind away from the pain, try and pick them back up again and let them know how proud you are of them for their bravery.

The day after her accident I put on brand new bedding for her that I had been sent from Character World.  Both girls are desperate to watch the Trolls movie but even though they have not seen the film they have picked up on the troll hype.  My youngest loved the bright purple and pink colours and the troll design.

Normally the girls share bedding, but given this is a polyester blend my eldest daughter is unable to use it as it would trigger her eczema so it is just for my youngest.  She loves that she has her very own character bedding, and that she does not have to share it.  

I have tried to get a few photos of her in the bed at night but they turn out really blurry and you cannot see the bedding, so my apologies for that.  Her face when she walked through the door to see the new bedding was amazing, she was so surprised and it really helped to cheer her up.

We have also been having lots of cuddles on the sofa and watching films together.  I think some times when you feel a bit ill watching a film helps you to take your mind off the pain and you can loose yourself in your imagination.  My youngest has been choosing the films and one she has been going back to is the BFG.

As a child I remember two books and films that scared me one was the witches and the other was the BFG, so when the BFG was released recently in the cinema I decided not to take the girls and instead wait for the DVD so I could assess how scary it was.  The story follows Sophie, an orphan, who accidentally sees a large clocked figure in the night.  The large figure is the BFG, Big Friendly Giant, who takes her away to Giant Country.  The concept of giants taking children from their bedroom window always scared me and it was this I wanted to check to see how it had been done.

Like my youngest I fell in love with the film, it is such a beautiful rendition of the BFG and not scary at all.  Neither girl has been scared by it and they both ask to watch it.  They even mention is in one of my Vlogmas videos.  The film stays true to the book and follows the story as I remember it.  I have to say I wish the film had been done this way in my childhood, I would have wanted to watch it a whole lot more!

Watching the BFG, cuddling and her new bedding seems to have cheered her up!  I just hope the appointment goes well next week, fingers crossed.

The bedding and BFG DVD was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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