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Whenever we travel I always pack both girls a book each.  Reading a book takes the girls into an imaginative world and seems to help pass the time on our journeys.  The books act as more than something to read, often we use them to discuss certain themes or concepts and sometimes we use them to play games.  For our recent visit to York we were able to take with us two new books from Maverick.

Our first book was 'As Nice as pie' by Gary Sheppard and Tim Budgen.  A rhyming book with bright colourful cartoon like illustrations.  The girls did get a little worried the first time we read the book as to what would happen to the birds, but on subsequent readings find it rather funny.  I won't say as it may spoil the book.  I think the book is a great way to illustrate the importance of not taking someone for granted and not to take advantage of their kindness.

The second book was 'Stone Underpants' by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson.  This book has crept into most bedtimes now.  My eldest can often be heard reading it out loud in her bedroom to her teddies, or to anyone who will listen.  The story is really light-hearted and a joy to listen to my daughter read.  For a book to engage her this much it is certainly something special.

Thank you Maverick books for sending over the new titles for us to read.

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