Crayola games 3-2-1 draw

I love to play games with the girls, especially those that help to get them thinking.  After Christmas dinner we play board games as a family, it is a wonderful way for us to all be together and enjoy each others company.  Crayola games 3-2-1 is one such game that has had us laughing and having a lot of fun. 

3-2-1 draw packs away neat and tidy.  The game consists of a drawing board and pen, which all store neatly together.  In the top of the drawing board, which is wipe clean, is the eraser and three dice.  A sand timer is also needed for the game which slots neatly on top of the pen.  I love this compact storage as it means it is easy to tidy away, and things then tend to be tidied away in our house so they do not get lost.

The game is aimed at 6 years and over but my four year old was able to play.  The great thing about the game is you can make it as complex or as simple as you like.  You can have as many players or teams as you like, or even test your drawing skills yourself.  The dice included give inspiration as to what to draw, or you can simply choose not to use them and think up your own.  You can use one dice or a combination of them.  Dice 1 contains letters, Dice 2 has categories like film, stars and books and Dice 3 has challenges like only draw half.

We stuck with playing with just the letter dice, as it got my youngest thinking about her phonics and it gave us all a basic starting point as to what was going to be drawn.  We had split into two teams to play, one person in the team drew and the others guessed the drawing and they kept drawing until the time ran out.  This meant we had a challenge of drawing and thinking of as many things as possible before the sand timer ran out.  We liked the timer fitted onto the end of the pen but found some people put the pen in their mouths to think and would tip the sand back the other way!

Crayola games 3-2-1 draw got the girls working together and thinking together about what they could draw.  It got them to play in teams and to also take turns, and share.  They did all of this without arguing and having fun. 

Both girls thought really hard about what they would draw and came up with some pretty imaginative ideas for letters.  Things I would not have thought they would think of like a basketball net for B.

My favourite drawing has to be one my youngest did.  She drew a circle with lines coming out of it, and it looked like a sun.  The letter was a S.  It was however not a sun.  I could not guess, I was really stuck.  In the end the timer ran out and we asked her what it was.  She had drawn a ball and the lines represented the air coming out of the ball making a 'sssssssssssssssssss' noise!

For 'R' she draw roller boots!

The most drawings in the time goes to my Mum also with 'R' who got a rabbit, rainbow and rain all guessed by my eldest daughter!

Crayola games 3-2-1 draw is incredibly good fun and perfect for the whole family!  It is one we will be playing a lot over the Christmas period and beyond.  I love the way it can adapt to be as complex or easy as you want to make it so that it grows with your child or can be played by adults as well!  

Crayola games 3-2-1 draw was provided for in exchange for this review, however all words are my own opinion and we really do love playing it!

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