Tonka diecast Emergency vehicle three pack

Regular readers will know that over the next 12 months we have an exciting partnership working with Tonka.  One of the reasons we love working with Tonka is that all of their products are built to last.  I know therefore that Little Man playing with the toys now, in his rough and hit it really hard kind of way, that they will withstand this and he can still play with them when he is bigger.   In fact for over 70 years Tonka have stood by the promise 'a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it' and they offer a lifetime guarantee for all their toys.

Little Man recently received the Diecast Emergency vehicle three pack, and he was instantly drawn to the bright primary colours.

Made of metal Little Man found them easy to pick up in his little hands and spent ages turning them over to examine all the different angles.  The detailing on each vehicle stays true to the real life emergency vehicle and he was fascinated by the patterns. 

The three pack consists of an ambulance, police car and fire engine and it would appear Little Man took a particular liking to the ambulance.  Often going to pick the ambulance up over all the others.

His little fingers could easily push the vehicles across the floor, ready to tackle any emergency. 

The ambulance also had three cones in the pack, but as Little Man puts everything in his mouth I felt that these were perhaps not suitable for him.  The pack is recommend for ages 3 and up, so I know that adult supervision is required when he plays with them.

Already our Tonka Emergency vehicles have been with us on our train journeys as Little Man loves to play with them.  He has chewed them, thrown them and used them to bang on the floor with.  Each emergency vehicle still looks like new.  No paint has removed, no dents and no broken pieces.  

The Tonka Diecast Emergency vehicle three pack is a great way to continue Little Man's collection of Tonka vehicles.  The wonderful thing about the Tonka vehicles is the girls love to join in and play with Little Man too.  I love that the Tonka vehicles are not only built to last but will be played with by all my children and they can play together with them.

This post is part of out partnership with Tonka all words are my own opinion 

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  1. Thank you so much for your post. It seems to be interesting. I think every kid likes Tonka Emergency vehicles. They are really awesome and build quality is outstanding. Thanks again!

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