Sleep time with the Ergo Pouch

Ever since Little Man learnt to roll over he has slept on his tummy.  He would instinctively roll over the second you put him in his crib/cot/bed and there he would stay, that was until he could crawl.  Once crawling began he would wake in the night crawl round for a bit before going back to sleep.  Only he started getting tangled in his sleeping bags.  He would twist, roll and try to crawl before getting frustrated and crying for us to rescue him.  I searched the internet looking for a solution when a very well timed email came from Ergo Pouch.

Ergo Pouch offered something different to the traditional sleeping bag, it gave us the option of legs!  I will openly admit I had not heard of the brand prior to the email but I was very impressed by what I read:

'ErgoPouch is the no.1 Australian sleeping sack brand and is renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits made from skin-friendly natural breathable fibres, offering a diverse range of fashion forward designs and prints. The entire range is 'hip-healthy' and the ErgoCocoon has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for their ergonomically designed bell shaped bottom, which provides extra leg room for healthy hips. Ergo Pouch products are made from the softest fabrics and create a mirco-climate for babies and little people so they don’t sweat!'

I was impressed not only that the sleep suit had legs but also it had sleeves too, making it much more versatile.  

The first night Little Man slept in his suit he slept from 8pm until 4am.  This he had never done before and my fitbit shows the only night with a star as I hit my sleep target!

Since then he wakes up once in the night, usually around 2am before sleeping until 6/7ish but I think his waking is more down to the fact he has a cold and a very runny nose than anything else.

The Ergo Pouch has zips in the middle which I can either zip together to form a more traditional sleeping bag or zip apart to form legs on a sleep suit.  When zipped to form legs the Ergo Pouch can be used in a pushchair, which means it is perfect when I take Little Man running as he is kept lovely and warm.

Should he fall asleep in the pushchair I can then transfer him straight to his cot without disturbing him and having to put him into a sleeping bag/ sleep suit.  There are also no hoods which is something I worry about with sleeping babies, as a hood could become tangled.

Little Man is almost 11 months old but on the smaller percentile for height, he is currently wearing the 8-24 month size Ergo Pouch.  The whole sleep suit has plenty of room for him to grow into, but without it drowning him.  The sleeves fit comfortable, but roll up to give him growth, and whilst the bottom of the suit is long he has no problems standing up in it.

I have been really impressed with the feel of the Ergo Pouch.  At 2.5togs I usually expect something very padded and bulky but this isn't the case.  It is light weight, soft and feels like there is next to no padding inside, yet I can feel the warmth escape every morning when I open the zip.

The placement of the zips also mean that I can change Little Man in the middle of the night, should he have a full nappy, without removing the whole sleep suit or disturbing him too much.  He can wear the sleep suit in his high chair for breakfast on cold mornings too, as the harness fits easily and securely over the sleep suit.

Little Man seems very comfortable in his Ergo Pouch.  He no longer gets tangled up in his sleep and he is kept just at the right temperature for sleep.

I love that he is comfy and can get a good night sleep.  The Ergo Pouch Sleep suit is certainly going to last him until he is two, and I love that there are grips on the feet for when he does start walking.  For now, at least, he is content and happy sleeping, playing and exploring in his Ergo Pouch Sleep Suit.

We received the Ergo Pouch sleep suit featured in the images in exchange for a review, all words are my own opinion. 

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