The inset day

Yesterday was an inset day and this meant I had all 3 children at home.  Although the sky was grey it was quite mild outside which meant the girls could go out and play in the garden.  The slight wind also made it perfect for using our Gazillion Bubbles giant bubble mill.  

Gazillion Bubbles are not like ordinary bubbles, the special formula makes giant bubbles!  We have the Gazillion Bubbles wand already and so we know how much fun can be had with Gazillion Bubbles.  Each set comes with a bottle of bubble solution and so all we needed to do was to put batteries in our Gazillion Bubbles giant bubble mill and we were ready to go.

Little man came outside to play too, and was just as giddy as his sisters watching the giant bubbles.  The girls ran around the garden trying to catch the bubbles and little man tried his hardest to make himself taller so he could reach them too.

The bubbles were huge!  Some as big as the girls head and there were lots of shrieks as they ran around chasing them.  Sometimes the bubbles would join together to form even bigger bubbles.

Little Man was fascinated by all the bubbles floating past

My youngest decided to fill the garden with bubbles and ran off with the Gazillion Bubbles giant bubble mill.  We had bubbles everywhere.

Even J started joining in the bubble fun!

A lot of fun was had by everyone and it was a shame to come back inside, but it was time for lunch.  I cannot wait for the weather to get even warmer so we can make the most of our giant bubble mill.

It was a wonderful start to what will be our half term.

We were sent the Gazillion Bubbles giant bubble mill to review, all words are my own opinion 

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