A PJ party

To celebrate the launch of PJ Masks (from the 25th of February) and Pajanimals (out now) on Tiny Pop (Freeview 126, Youview 126, Sky 167, Virgin 737 and Freesat 605) we took part in a PJ twitter party.  The girls were incredibly excited as they got to wear their tiny pop onesies! I have to admit to attempting to fit in them but I am too big!

We all enjoy watching Pajanimals, Little Man in particular seems to really enjoy the show.  Perhaps it is the colours or the sounds but either way it is a show we can all watch together.  The girls did some colouring whilst watching the show, and little man took a bit of a liking to it

I managed to distract him by giving him his own colours and he took great pleasure in rubbing them across the paper.  I would say colouring but I think it was more the noise they made that he enjoyed.

Both girls are huge PJ mask fans, so as you can imagine any activity involving PJ masks is going to go down really well!  They even made me dress up as Cat Boy to do the school run, which if you follow me on Instagram you could see in the stories. They are both therefore incredibly excited to have PJ Masks available on tiny pop from the 25th February!

We cannot wait to watch both Pajanimals and PJ masks on tiny pop!

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