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This week it is British science week.  I am very passionate about getting my children involved in both science and maths and look for fun ways to encourage them to take part in experiments.  Having some one on one time with my eldest recently we decided to make lava lamps.

We used a wild science Lava Lamp kit to create our lava lamps.  My eldest was incredibly excited that she could conduct science experiments and more excited that she could wear gloves to do them in!

At 6 years old she was able to follow the instructions in her Wild science kit all herself.  She measured everything out carefully and followed every instruction.  She showed so much concentration as she did so, and asked questions about what would happen.

The Wild Science kit came with everything she needed to complete her experiments and enough to do other experiments on later dates.  The great thing about each experiment is that they were safe to do, and that my daughter became incredibly engrossed in what she was doing.  

As she worked through the experiments she asked lots of questions about why things happened.  She was incredibly curious as to why the oil sat on the water.  It was lovely spending time with her and watching how excited she got as she completed each step in the instructions.  Her face lit up when she dropped the tablet she had made into the lava lamp and it started to fizz, causing bubbles in the water and a true lava lamp!

In fact she started to show everyone who came to the house her lava lamp and made more tablets to drop in.

Spending one on one time with my eldest is really rare.  She had so much fun creating her Wild Science lava lamp and is currently taking great pride in explaining to everyone why oil will sit on water.

The kit we used to make our lava lamp was from wild science.  The Wild Science global science challenge is giving families [2 adults and 2 children] the chance to win:

- A trip to Florida
- Entry to Disney World
- Accommodation for 7 days
- 7 day car hire
- Full set of wild science products
- Entry to Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut

For full details on how to enter, including terms and conditions please visit  http://www.wildscience.net/wildact.asp 

This is such an amazing competition and entry is incredibly simple.  My daughter has already begun designing her own science kit and has asked for several more Wild Science kits as she had so much fun with the lava lamp.  I cannot wait to see the kit she designs!

Wild Science kits are available at Smyths 

The Wild Science kit mentioned was provided in exchange for this review. 

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