Matchstick Monkey : a review

Teething is different for every baby.  Some babies cry the whole time, just like my eldest did.  Some babies do not notice a thing, like my youngest.  Some babies are in between, just like Little Man.  Little Man seems to cut his teeth in pairs, two by two.  We know when he is getting teeth as he starts to bite everything.  

He bites with full force on to whatever he can find.  Biting so hard to try and relieve that teething pain.  Trying to find something to soothe his gums.  The award winning matchstick monkey provides the relief Little Man needs.

Matchstick monkey is made from FDA approved silicon and is BPA free.  Suitable from 3 months to 3 years, it comes in 8 colours and is both dishwasher safe and freezer friendly.  The large arms act as handles and Little Man found Matchstick Monkey incredibly easy to grip.  

Matchstick Monkey is soft and flexible and can reach all parts of Little Man mouth, helping him with both his back teeth and those at the front.  Perfect for every stage of his teething development.  On the back of the monkey's head are bumps.  These bumps can be used for adding teething granules or other pain relief or even used as a way to promote good oral hygiene from an early age.  

Little Man has taken a shine to his Matchstick Monkey.  Not only is it a great teether, a great source of comfort but Little Man also sees it as a great toy and companion.  One who seems to join him on his many adventures. 

We were sent a Matchstick monkey for review, all words are my own opinion 

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