The first Trunce

Can you remember when you were a kid and used to run up big hills in a wood, then run down them and through muddy puddles?  You really wanted to run through the river too, but it was far too deep for your little legs.  Then a parent/guardian or some other adult would tell you to be careful, watch your step or slow down?  That is pretty much Trunce, but without the adult telling you to be careful.

For you are now that adult running down a very steep hill in the forest covered in mud.  The adult scrambling up the steep grass banking, and the adult staring at 3 river crossings, each one up to your middle, well in my case anyway am only small.  Trunce is not one of those events you would do before a major race, the risk of injury is incredibly high.  Trunce however is one of the most fun races I have ever done in my adult life.

Things you need to know:

1. Have a laugh and just think like a child.  Seriously, it is much more fun this way
2. Just go through the river.  Most people who fall in or get injured are those who try to use the stepping stones [which look slippy]
3. Your feet soon stop feeling cold
4. Wait your turn at the first stile, this is a very British race and we queue, no queue jumping you will be met with tuts and get in the way of the juniors coming up the hill as you go down
5. Smile!
6. There are tree roots everywhere
7. Take a change of clothes
8. Forget your dignity because you are getting changed and dry in the middle of a field which also doubles as the car park.

To get a decent time at Trunce you need to be one of the first to the stile, I stood and queued for what felt like 20 minutes. It was certainly longer than 10.  I wasn't there for the times, I was there to have fun and I certainly did.  I am sure at some point the fun will wear off, but at the moment I cannot wait for the next one!

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