Windmill 6 - race report

I saw the medal for the South Huddersfield Trail and Road series and knew it was one I wanted in my collection.  An interlocking medal which makes a Yorkshire rose.  This was one I had to have, so I signed up for the series.  Five races, the first was Windmill 6.  

It was incredibly windy, but then I guess what do you expect if they had built windmills there.  The rain was relentless, cold and accompanied with the wind made for an interesting race.  I took this photo just before the race started.  All runners huddled together behind some bales in an attempt to keep warm and out the wind, nothing worked and in some ways we were incredibly grateful for the race to start in an attempt to get warm.

The weather never eased and I seemed to spend the entire race running on an angle.  The first part of the race I found really tough.  I was drenched to the bone, freezing cold and could not run upright.  A water station at the half way mark gave me a boost, I knew I was almost there.  

The run past the windmills was amazing, the whoosh noise they make as they go round made for a pleasant change from the noise of wind and rain.  The course had several ups, but at the point it began to hurt the hill came flat or went down hill.  There also seemed to be the right amount to aid recovery before the next hill started again.

The last mile was a real killer.  It was one of those where you can see the finish line and then it disappears, and doesn't reappear until it is right in front of you.  It made it difficult to judge just how far was left.

Despite the weather this would be a course I would love to do again.  I can imagine on a warmer day that the views are breath taking.  A road race with ever changing scenery, just enough hills to challenge without causing too much pain.  One certainly to come back to, and now I know the route I feel it will be a much better run.

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