The second [technically 3rd] Trunce

My second trunce was the 3rd in the season.  I had intend to run all of them but the second was whilst I was on holiday, so I missed it!

I was even more excited for my second trunce outing.  First I knew what to expect and second I knew what to expect!  I love running off road.  I love the thought process involved, having to think quickly where to put my feet and having fun.  The scenery changes, the terrain changes quickly and there is so much more to it than running on road.  There are of course downsides, risk of injury is greater and having to queue for stiles meaning your finish time is a combination of how fast you run and how quickly you get through the queues!  

It was freezing cold for the second trunce.  I was not looking forward to the river crossings and how cold they would be but I was looking forward to running down the hills!

Whilst I didn't start any further forward than previously my queue time over the first stile was less than 10 minutes, previously it had been 20.  The steep downhill descent to the first river crossing was less muddy than before but we were greeted with the juniors coming up the hill.  It made for a stop/start descent before running through the first river.  

The first river crossing was met with a splash, as my running friend decided to jump in behind me causing a huge wave of water to splash up my back.  Revenge to follow on the next crossing.  A gentle run before the run up the steep hill.  This is perhaps the only hill I love running up.  I actually really love it, which is strange for me as normally I am not one with the hill!

Running across the top we were faced with a slight route change as some barbed wire had been placed on top of a fence.  Still the next part was the amazing downhill stretch through the woods.  I absolutely love this part, perhaps this is why I love the uphill so much.  One day it is going to end in disaster but not this race.  

I got my revenge at the bottom of the hill in the second river crossing, which actually ended up in a water fight but if you can't have fun with your best mates then when can you?  A nice comfortable pace on the short stretch of road followed before the next river crossing.  It was time for the final hill, which caught me a bit by surprise as I enjoyed running up it!  The final home stretch was in sight and a nice run back home.  The final descent to the finish line was caught in a head to head race with another runner, which resulted in a tie finish!

My second trunce left me with a huge high and a new PB!  Cannot wait for the next one!

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