July running update

July was a mixed bag.

I started July with a trip to the physio who advised me to go to a and e.  I did so and have been referred for an MRI scan, which I am still waiting for an appointment and it is nearly September.  Nothing could be found on X-ray though which I guess is something.

Injury aside I still made it to parkrun, this time to volunteer and to be honest I never get tired of that view.

Both girls have been working really hard at junior parkrun this month, with my youngest setting a new pb!!

I set another pb at trunce this month.  The colours are just gorgeous at this time of year, and I still think this is my favourite race to do.  

Steve managed to capture a running photo of me that I absolutely love.  He takes some amazing photos, I wish I had half his skills.  

More pbs at junior parkrun means more treats!  The girls even completed a full 5km parkrun too!

I met with a lovely lady, Emily, and joined in with her People Power Run challenge.  We had been talking for some time on email about it and it was great to finally get out and run together. 

Leeds 10k was my first real race this month.  I was desperate for a sub 60 10k and worked really hard all way round.  Read more about it here and see how I got on! 

Training runs got harder to fit in as the school holidays approached.  Running and bike riding with the kids on a weekend seemed the best way to get any exercise in.  My diet has slipped out the window completely but once the kids are at school I shall get back on it!

I got to see my wonderful friend Victoria twice in one week, first at the toss o'coin race and then again at Priory 10k

Training for my marathon in Yorkshire began with some long runs with club friends.  I am hoping this keeps me in good practise for the London marathon which you can sponsor me here 

Nostell priory celebrated its parkrun birthday with a fancy dress beach theme.  Of all the outfits me and my best mate turned up wearing almost identical.  Was slightly awkward but we laughed about it.  I also came away with a parkrun pb too!  

The bubble rush run has been one of the most eagerly anticipated races in our house, and it was such amazing fun.  The girls really loved it and have asked to do another.

I made some new friends to run with and take on some long runs.  Making the most of the light and taking in some off road runs before winter sets in.

With school holidays well and truly underway I have become friends with the treadmill.  Trying to get in as many miles as possible whilst the kids are in bed.

I ended July with a 5 mile race.  A 4th place finish, 8th overall. 

July left me with a new sense of determination and new challenges as I start to increase the distance for the marathon and work around the school holidays! August will be interesting! 

New PB set this month

= Half marathon 2hr 19min
= 10km 55min 57secs

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