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 Link-It in its simplest form is about finding a common link between two pictures.  A game which can be made harder to suit different ages.  The girls [7 and 5] understood how to play straight away.  We play by dealing 5 blue cards each.  A yellow card is placed in the centre face up, you then have to link your card to the centre card. If you do so you take your card and the centre card and discard them, the winner is the person who gets rid of all their cards first.  There are other ways to play but this way suits us.

The whole game fits neatly into a compact tin which weighs very little.  This means Link-It is perfect as a travelling game and we even had a few games on our recent trip to Majorca.

Link-It was really easy to play on the plane and kept the girls entertained, enabling me to break up the flight which made it pass much quicker.  One of the reasons I really love this game is listening to how the girls think.  They both see different links and for different reasons.  Often they find a link that I would never have thought of.  

Link-It really gets the girls to think and they get incredibly excited when they find a link between the cards.  I love this enthusiasm in them and the fact they are thinking.  Link-It currently has two themes available: Original and PartOf. In a few weeks, another three themes will be available on the market: MadeOf, CapitalOf and Professions.  I can see us buying the other themes to play too!

Link-It lives in my bag, the lightweight tin makes it incredibly portable, so that whenever we are out we can play.  In restaurants waiting for dinner to arrive, on planes or for the girls to break up a car journey, Link-It is there ready to go.  I also know that as the girls get older we can adapt the game to make it more complex so it will grow with them.

Link-It was sent to us in exchange for this review, all words are my own opinion. 

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