Scarborough 10K [Yorkshire Coast 10k]

The Yorkshire Coast 10K, or as I prefer Scarborough 10K, has been on my bucket list for a while.  Mainly because I love visiting Scarborough but also an excuse to eat chips after is an additional bonus.  I knew the route as I have visited many times before, but never run it before so was a little unsure what to expect.

A few weeks ago I would have simply 'just' run the Scarborough 10K, but seeking words of wisdom from a friend [and now coach] a very careful plan was formulated to stick to.  I have never run this way before, to a plan, normally I just run.  I have broken down runs before but never into a plan as such.  I was keen to see what would happen and wanted to do everything I could to put the plan into place.

The second I woke up I was weather watching, it looked windy outside and rather rainy, but after messaging the harriers I was picking up we decided to take the drive to Scarborough carefully.  As we progressed down the A64 the wind seemed to calm down and the rain eventually came to a stop. Phew.

A short journey from the Park and Ride to the start line and here began the queue for the toilets.  I counted 10 people in front of me for 1 toilet. 18 minutes to go, seemed ok odds.  8 people with 15 minutes to go, less favourable odds.  Made it to the start line with 4 minutes to spare.  Good job we had warmed up walking from the bus stop to the start area.

Scarborough sea front

Starting right at the back, something I had never done before, but I had no choice.  We moved forward with over 2,000 other runners and began battling through the crowds.  Weaving in and out, maintaining a steady, comfortable pace but still progressing.  The first 1km was just a sea of colour, past the shops of South Bay.  Slightly behind the target pace, but only just.  Continuing past the shops and small pockets of space had begun opening up, followed by congested areas.  Slight steady ups and past the 2km marker, just a bit quicker than target time.  The head wind then hit as you ran round the bend into North Bay and round the castle.  I felt like I was spending far too much energy pushing against the wind.  Pace was on target, and in the distance I could see the lead car and front runners heading back towards me.  Amazing watching the speed they run at, am full of admiration.  It made the km seem to go quite fast watching them come past.

Onwards past the sea and into the open air theatre, I was feeling good.  Comfortable, slight stitch, but good.  Water station in the theatre just at 4km but declined a drink.  Kept pushing to a rather lovely decline and the White pyramids of the SeaLife were in front.  Round the back of the SeaLife to the turn around point just past 5km.

I was feeling really good so upped the pace a little and continued to run past the colourful chalets along the beach front.  Shouting and cheering at the runners approaching the turn around point and overtaking runners who were now starting to flag.  Onwards to 6km and some weird side/head wind started to happen, once again feeling like too much energy was been used.

7km mark, I could remember this from the way in, the point I had seen the lead runners.  Nearly there now.  Down back into South Bay.  Pushing now to get home, the end was in sight on the other side of the marina.  Here it had become congested again.  Runners walking, flagging and trying to keep going.  I pushed on to the homeward straight. 

Really congested in the homeward straight but incredibly well supported by the crowds.  Lots of clapping and cheering which was needed for that final push home.  I finished in a time of 56.54.  No PB by a long way but that wasn't the point of today.  I was pleased and also amazed at how good the race had felt. Comfortable and relaxed.  It was quite a boost running past people and not getting overtaken, which is what often happens in races.

I really enjoyed the Scarborough 10k and so far it has to be one of my favourite races.  Looking forward to the race next Sunday!

This day I love running and chips!

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