Dream Toys 2017

It might be the middle of November but I heard my first Christmas song on the radio today.  Christmas does seem to be creeping up on us. The girls have already made their requests, which is every TV advert suitable for children along with the contents of every toy catalogue in existence. Little Man still has no idea what Christmas is and I am frantically trying to be organised this year so I don't have to work through it again!

A few weeks ago Little Man and I were given a sneak peak at the hottest and most wanted toys for Christmas this year at Dream Toys 2017.  

The top 12 toys [in no particular order]are:

Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set
FurReal Roarin’ Tyler
Hatchimals Surprise
Laser X – 2 Player Pack
L.O.L. Surprise Series 2
Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash
Paw Patrol Sea Patroller
PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
Star Wars: BB-8
The Original Stretch Armstrong
Toilet Trouble

Both girls have asked for Hatchimals again this year.  The latest version can have twins hatch which with having two girls would be a good idea for us and they would each then have a Hatchimal to look after.  My youngest daughter loves Fingerlings and has already saved up birthday money to buy herself one, so I can certainly agree that it will be popular, and also L.O.L surprise which we have reviewed previously.  I can certainly agree that the list is popular with my girls, aged 7 and 5.  

The top 10 toys that really stood out to me though are slightly different

Star Wars: BB-8 Lego
LeapFrog Epic™ Android Based Kids Tablet
Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart™ LeapFrog
Vtech toot toot garage
Rubik's Cube
Mayka Toy Block Tape
Super Wings
Spin to Sing
Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker

The highlight for me though is meeting Father Christmas, as the girls 100% believe that I work with him.

Little Man however was not too sure!

Dream Toys is always a great day out and it is amazing to see the top toys for this year.  Do you agree with the top 12 toys?

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