Keeping warm this winter

The best thing I think about winter is the warm clothes. There is no better feeling that been wrapped up nice and warm in a cosy fleece jumper, warm coat, hat and scarf and playing in the outdoors with the kids. My children love to be outside at every opportunity, they feel trapped indoors and tend to go a little crazy. Outdoors is a big adventure and the most fun playground.

The girls and Little Man love to play outdoors with Grandma and Grandad. They love exploring the allotment with them, planting seeds and waiting until they can harvest what they have grown. The girls wrapped up warm in jumpers and big coats. My Dad wrapped up just as warm in knitted fleece jumpers and warm coat.

When I asked the girls what they think their Grandad would like as a birthday present they always want to get him a warm jumper. I like their thinking, they want Grandad warm so he can play outside more with them. They have so much fun with him that they don't want him to go back inside.

Warm jumpers need to be comfortable and practical, especially when you need to work in an allotment or run after small children. Fleece linings are perfect making sure you retain a perfect body temperature. The right material to make sure you don't sweat too much and that the jumper doesn't itch when you start to feel warm. The ability to fasten if needed to stop cold draughts coming in.

Comfy jogging bottoms are a must have after playing outside too. Winter months are made for lounging around in jogging bottoms. Comfy and cosy, perfect for warming up after spending the day outside. Perfect for cuddles with the children after playing. Perfect for relaxing.

Winter also brings with it Christmas and the desire to find the perfect gift. Given we are a family that love to be outdoors clothing is always received well. Even more so when it is linked to a favourite sport or hobby!

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