Review : Wave Racer Super Helix Speedway

Wave racers are a revolutionary new way to race cars aimed at ages 6+. The cars operate via wave technology. Put simply the faster you wave, the faster the car goes. Each car has a sensor which detects your movements. Waving over the sensor starts the car and it sets off after a few seconds.

There are many different track sets available, which can be combined if required. We were sent the super helix speedway set which has 2 cars, 109 track pieces and offers an aerial loop and 3-tier circuits too!

The first task was assembling 109 pieces! What at first seemed really daunting actually went really quickly as the track is very simple to assemble. It slots together and in no time at all we had built the track. I couldn't follow the pictures on the instruction sheet and instead just built what I could see on the main box.

It took the girls a little getting used to the wave technology. I expected this though as it is like nothing they have done before. Once they got the hang of it, they were able to set two cars off at once with ease. A tip we learnt is do not set the cars off anywhere else. On wooden floors they whizz off and are really tricky to catch. The girls were soon racing together and watching the cars whizz round.

The cars do seem to pick up quite a bit of speed. Unless it is just my girls waving really fast. Little Man loves watching the cars as they go through the loop. 

The track pieces seem robust and have withstood both girls pushing them to build the track together. Even the cars which have zoomed off the track a few times, when the girls have decided to set them off on the floor, have no damage to them.

Wave racers have proved to be very popular in our house. The girls and Little Man love watching them and racing them. Even J, our dog, sits and watches the cars whizz round the track. The girls try to see if they can get the cars to catch each other as they whizz round!

The item was sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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