Review : My first Scaletrix

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a Scaletrix set.  I had to resist the excitement to build the My first Scaletrix set when it arrived and instead wait for the girls to come home from school.  I don't think I have ever done the school run as quick, bouncing in the gates and ushering them home at lightening speed. 

They came home and the second they saw the My first Scaletrix set they wanted to start building it.  Without thinking about it they began slotting pieces together with ease to form the figure of 8 race track.  They soon realised that they had to make the red go to red and yellow to yellow, so some readjustment was needed. 

My eldest started to line the cars up on the start line ready to race.  

The two controllers the perfect size to fit in to the hands of a 5 and 7 year old.  The girls were ready and wanting to race.  I gave them a quick demo of how the speed limiter controllers worked and they were off.  We needed a few adjustments to the controller to allow for their skill level, and trigger happy fingers but soon they were racing like a pro. 

The colour coordinated chevrons made it easy to see where the cars would go, which for a 5 year old really helps with race.  The girls soon began to take a few risks, making the cars go faster round corners and thinking how fast they could go and still stay on the track.

The magnatraction technology helps to keep the cars on the track and the My First Scalextric set is fully compatible with Micro Scalextric range of sets and cars.  The girls do test the magnatraction technology to the limit though as the cars whizz round.

The great thing about Scalextric is that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.  It gets us all talking and interacting, it gets the girls concentrating and thinking and it also teaches them about taking risks and calculating what to do.  

We were sent the My First Scalextric set for the purpose of this review, all words are my own opinion. 

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