Lotherton Hall - Christmas Experience

The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall was different to the one we visited last year. Like the previous year we followed the fairy lights past the great Hall and into the fairy village. We had been given tokens as we entered, unlike last year, and these tokens where to be used for activities with the elves. Extra tokens could be purchased, should you need them, but it was deciding which activity the girls wanted to take part in that became rather tricky.

They made a Santa stop here sign in the elves workshop whilst waiting for Father Christmas. The girls loved sticking and deciding how to decorate their sign together, and showed great team working skills. I think perhaps because the big man himself was just around the corner. 

Father Christmas was walking around the North pole with his elves and stop to talk to the girls. They were start struck. Watching and hanging on his every word. He was wonderful, really taking the time to talk to them and answering all of their very many questions.

We left the north pole and headed over to the elf village. This was not here last year and it made a wonderful addition. Situated close to the North Pole were several cabins, each one with an elf and a different Christmas activity. Each activity cost 1 token per child. The girls chose to make a fairy door before heading over to the most enchanting cabin for a Christmas story with an elf. The girls were fascinated. [Photo used with permission from photographer at Lotherton Hall Christmas Experience]

The elf village had a real buzz about it. Children moving from one cabin to another to complete various activities. Completely engrossed in the tasks they were doing. Elves helping in each cabin, it was a lovely Christmas addition.

It was then time to undertake the 12 days of Christmas walk. First a quick photo, and I cannot believe I got one of all 3 of them looking!

The walk is very interactive and the girls darted from one to another trying to remember the words to the song as they went. Spinning the dancers, hooking swans and drumming.  The twelve days of Christmas walk was rather a lot of fun.

It had dropped a little cold so we headed back to the great house to warm up. It also gave the girls, and Little Man, chance to dress up in festive outfits!

After looking round the house at the various displays, and listening to the wonderful carol singers we decided it was time to head home. Lotherton Christmas Experience has certainly changed since last year, but the girls enjoyed it much more and seemed to get a lot more from it. They all really enjoyed their evening, especially Little Man who fell asleep in the car on the way home!

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  1. I really want to go to this, the boys went last year with y heir grandparents but I want to go for me!

    1. I hope you managed to visit as it is a wonderful experience


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