Review : Schelich Mermaid with Baby Turtle in Shell

My youngest daughter loves glitter, mermaids, role plays, unicorns and dolls. She fits the stereotypical girl model although she does also have a side to her that loves getting muddy too. Her 6th birthday is fast approaching and in all honesty I have struggled with what to get for her. 

You see, because she loves all those things she has several dolls which she plays with every day. She feeds them, changes them, and looks after them as if they were real. We have almost been late to school on several occasions because she had to get her baby to sleep. What she doesn't have is a unicorn, although I am not sure if I can find one of those and a mermaid.

Well, she didn't have a mermaid until I had an email from Schelich. They have released a new range, new Bayala Mermaid figurines. Having had Schelich figures in the past I was keen to see the new mermaid range and responded to say I would be delighted to receive one. 

There are three new mermaids joining the collection from  February and these figurines come with a magical shell case. The case makes it perfect for transporting and collecting all the mermaids. The case is decorated with sparkle and glitter. In different lights the glitter appears different colours making it rather magical. There is no clasp to hold it closed, which makes it perfect for a 5 year old to open without help. 

Inside the shell is the mermaid and her turtle. The turtle can be removed from the mermaids hand if you wish. In addition to the mermaid and turtle, the mermaid also comes with some accessories that can be stored inside the shell.

The mermaid has glitter both in her hair and on her tail. The sparkles shimmer in the light giving a magical feel to her. The details are the outstanding quality you would expect from Schelich. I love the soft colours of the mermaid which I think add a real magical touch. One of the great features about this particular figure is the move ability of her arm. 

The mermaid is the perfect size for a 5 year old to hold and play with, I would supervise any children younger than this as the accessories are small. I cannot wait to watch my daughter's imagination unfold as she plays with the mermaid. I also cannot wait to see her face when she unwraps this on her birthday. As a child who loves mermaids and sparkles this is going to be perfect for her.

All words are my own opinion. 

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