Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas

Facebook very kindly reminded me that this time last year we visited Waterside Arts centre in Manchester to watch a production of The Bear by Raymond Briggs. The girls remembered it too, telling me all about the play. I was surprised at how much they remembered. This year we were off to see Father Christmas, adapted from the Raymond Briggs book of the same name and produced by the same company who had done the Bear last year. 

Our car journey was less eventful this year, google redirected us around an accident that would have added an extra hour on top of our journey time and we actually made it on time and with over an hour to spare. We even managed to make the photos this year!

The girls were excited for their milk and cookies like last time and we took our seats on the front row. That was a bit nerve racking, but worth it. I was unsure how Little Man would cope as the show is recommended from ages 3 and up, he is 2 and half, but actually he really enjoyed it and joined in quite a bit.

The show was blooming magical [You'll understand if you have read the book]. The girls were captivated from start to finish. Laughing and really taking in the whole show. There was so much attention to detail it was just fantastic and it kept everyone entertained. It was lovely listening to the children in the audience gasp in excitement and surprise at key points in the show. It showed how involved everyone was. I don't want to ruin the surprises of the performance so all I will say is it is magical.

The performance is incredibly clever how it is both carried out and how it has been thought through. I enjoyed the elements which mixed in the puppetry and thought this was really well done. I might have a secret soft spot for the dog, wonder if I can bring him home with me?

Before we knew it it was time to leave. Our milk drunk, cookie eaten and our cheeks hurting from all the smiles and laughing. It had been a wonderful family evening together but now it was time for me to do the long drive home.

Thank you to waterside for inviting us, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Father Christmas is showing up until the 31st December at varies times, see their website for full details. 

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