The four gift rule : Gift Guide for Men

The four gift rule if you haven't heard it is where you buy four gifts that fall into each of the following categories:

Something they need
Something they want
Something to read
Something to wear

Whilst I don't go excessive for the kids at Christmas I do try as best I can to stick with this rule. It is particularly true when buying for my husband. He is really hard to buy for and we usually just end up buying something he doesn't really want or need, something just for the sake of giving a gift. In an attempt to reduce this waste this year I have applied the four rules to his presents and am hoping we will have more success this year.

Something they Need

My husband loves writing in blue ink. I think it must stem back to his school days. He says it looks neater but in our house we only ever have black pens, or weird multi coloured pens the kids use. My husband therefore needs his own pen. I want to get him a pen that will last too, something special and have decided upon the Parker Jotter Royal Blue Ballpoint Pen. What attracted me to this particular pen is the stylish design that gives it a classic Parker pen look. I also rather like that it is manufactured from stainless steel, which gives it a better feel when giving as a gift too. The ink is refillable so my husband should be able to therefore have the blue pen he so desperately needs and one that looks pretty stylish.

Something they Want

My husband loves gaming and always wants the latest console. My budget however does not stretch this far and so instead I have searched for an alternative. I came across the Sega Smartphone controller from Paladone and knew he would love it. There are currently 20 games which can be downloaded for free onto an Android device including iconic favourites such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Tennis and Crazy Taxi. Once downloaded the games can be played via bluetooth using the Saturn shaped controller. The controller also features a holder which means the android phone or tablet can be attached to the controller if this suits your gaming style, or removed if not. I think all gamers hold a secret soft spot for Sega, especially Sonic the Hedgehog. I am secretly excited to have a turn too, but don't tell him!

Something to Read

I thought I might add a slight twist on the something to read and give my husband a journal to go alongside his pen. The Paper Republic Grand Voyageur Leather Travel Notebook in Petrol is perfect to accompany his pen. There are a variety of inserts available to customise to suit his needs; journal, wallet, passport holder, diary and many more, which means he can change as he sees fit. It is perfect for both day to day organising and for travelling too. Handmade in Vienna from vegetable tanned leather it is both portable and sturdy making it the perfect tool for organising and keeping records. 

Something to Wear

Something to wear has been really tricky. It might sound easy enough but actually the girls and I have found this one the hardest category to find something for. In the end the girls have picked their Dad some socks, well Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without socks, right?? These socks though are pretty cool. The girls have chosen some rather lovely socks from Frugi. The design is bold, bright and patterned and they feel super soft. I think they have done a good job.

Stocking filler

OK, so I know this is an extra one but it is a little stocking filler and not part of the main gift. I like to just buy a fun stocking filler and saw the Smartphone Light Graffiti and it looks pretty fun. You use your phone and the spray can provided to create light art. It works by using the long exposure on your smartphones camera. Whilst I might have initially got as a stocking filler, I may end up borrowing myself and making a small video as it looks so much fun! I can see the girls wanting a turn too!

I have purchased some of the items in this guide and been gifted others, however I would have purchased them. I decided to put the gift guide together and have received no other payment except product. 

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