Review : FReNeTiC

Did you know you can create over 10,000 words from the element symbols on the periodic table?

FReNeTiC is a new board game suitable for ages 8+ and can be played as couples, teams or individuals. The idea of the game is to make words from the symbols on the Periodic Table you then score points based on the atomic number of the element used.

My eldest daughter and I sat down play together, with her younger sister taking charge of the timer. She went first and drew the first 8 tiles out of the bag. A tricky couple of letters lay before us and before we knew it her sister shouted that the timer had stopped.

The only word we could make was Vac, and my daughter picked up the points. It was my turn now to draw 4 tiles out of the bag and place on to the board.

The first few rounds were fairly tricky due to the limited letters. We seemed to draw all the Rb, Pb type elements, which are not too easy for making words from. It did however get us thinking and talking about the different letters that lay in front of us. 

I do like the periodic table element of this game as it has got my daughter asking questions about elements and the periodic table. I think it is good to encourage science at a young age and in such a fun and varied way. 

The game is very face paced, 45 seconds seem to go rather quickly. I think when we play again it also might work better in teams as the first few rounds can be quite tricky given the limited number of tiles. I like the extra challenge of trying to create the atomic elements themselves. FReNeTiC is a really fun, fast paced game and I cannot wait to play it with the whole family at Christmas.

We were sent the game in exchange for a review, all words are my own opinion 

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