Wish upon a star with Santa

We arrived at Meadowhall shopping centre on a cold Saturday morning. The girls thought I had completely lost it when I led them through the shopping centre and out through the doors at the back of the Oasis. We were here however to wish upon a star with Santa, and the giant white marquees in front of us was where the magic would take place.

Now the excitement began to start. The girls reading the doors and understanding they were in for a treat. Little Man just wanting to get inside from the cold. In we went to be greeted by a rather friendly elf and a warm and cost looking forest. 

Magical adventures take place in designated time slots and so we patiently waited our turn. Making the most of the comfy seating and finding some of the items hidden in the forest too.

At last it was our turn and we entered the doors into the forest. Greeted by another friendly elf and it was here we were taught how to say hello, or the magical salute. The children all sat on special wooden seats to listen to a short presentation on how they catch wishes. Little Man at 2 year old didn't really understand what was going on and for us adults we were watching a screen with little sound. The older children watched and listened and seemed to grasp what was happening.

Onwards again through the forest to meet the wish catcher. We sat and listened to a story of how the wishes are caught by a very animated elf who made the story come alive. The girls listened intently and then it was time for them to see if they could spot any wishes themselves.

Our final room awaited us and it was here the girls got to write down their very own wishes. This room was very crowded and there were not enough seats on the main table so my children had to sit on the sides. I had to go and fetch the pens and glue they needed from the main table once others had finished, so we had a bit of waiting around to do.

As you finished writing your wishes elves would come and take a family at a time out of the room. We were still waiting in line as the next group came in to write their wishes so it did get a little crowded in here.

Still it was worth the wait as we went through a magical door to find Father Christmas sat waiting for us. He spent time chatting to the girls and reading their wishes along with asking what they would like for Christmas. Little Man had gone shy so didn't want to go near Father Christmas.

The whole experience lasted around 40 minutes but we did spend quite a lot of time in the final room waiting so perhaps some people spent less time. The rooms are all beautifully decorated and the elves are all incredibly animated and magical which makes for a wonderful experience. Father Christmas spent time with the girls and didn't rush them which is always lovely too.

Thank you to Meadowhall for inviting us to Wish upon a star with Santa.

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