Review : Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise

The review item in this post has been gifted for purposes of writing this feature. All words are my own honest opinion.

Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise are the latest addition to the Num Noms range. With both my girls already loving Num Noms I could not turn down the opportunity to review the new range. Each mystery make up surprise comes with a lip gloss Nom and a scented make up accessory. You can find a nail polish, shimmer, body spray or body lotion inside. Recommended for ages 5-8 I knew this would be something both girls would love.

The girls were very eager to open the Num Noms Mystery Make Up Surprise to see what surprise they would get. Once the outer wrapper has been removed the rest of the packaging can be saved and played with. 

Inside each surprise was a Nom Lip gloss and each in a scent that complimented the Nom inside. The girls had a shimmer in one and a body lotion in the other two. The shimmer smells of peanut butter with the Nom smelling of grape. The hand lotions are a berry scent. In addition there is also a stand to stand the Nom on, as they are quite large.

If you would like to see what the girls thought of Num Noms Mystery Make up Surprise take a look at this video

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