Review : Brio Play and Learn Musical caterpillar

The item in this post has been gifted in order to write the review. All words are my own honest opinion

The Brio play and learn musical caterpillar is suitable from 24 months. 

Little Man and I unboxed the play and learn caterpillar together. 4 large wooden buttons and one large plastic tray which contain the caterpillar and the grooves for the buttons. Before we could begin playing I had to find 2 AAA batteries. The wooden buttons are a lovely size for small hands to hold and are really smooth to the touch too.

Little Man soon got to grips with the play and learn musical caterpillar. On the base of each button is a magnet and when placed in the tray a musical tone sounds and the caterpillars head and tail light up.

There are 10 possible ways to connect the head to the tail and when you do this you hear a tune, instead of the single tone. Little Man had to think and work out why sometimes he heard a tune and sometimes just a single tone. It is great to encourage his problem solving skills in this way and encourage him to try and solve a problem. It also helps children to understand Cause and Effect.

The base tray is a lovely bright green colour which makes it very appealing to young children. It is also really light making it a very potable toy. It fits nicely into a changing bag and given it is quite light weight makes it a great toy to take out. 

To see the caterpillar in action please watch this short video

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