How Travel and Home Planning Can Take a toll on Marriage

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Travelling and planning to find a home to build or move your family can be a fantastic experience, but it can also be problematic. Planning these things can bring up a lot of issues that may not have risen to the surface otherwise and if these issues are not dealt with properly, it can lead to problems in a marriage.

This article will discuss some of the most common ways that travel and home planning can take a toll on a marriage, and help you understand how to deal with it.

There’s no doubt, planning for something like this can be stressful. Huffington Post even wrote an article dedicated to coping with the stress people see. When you’re planning something on your own, stress can be difficult enough - but if you’re planning something of this calibre with your family, then everyone might be stressed.

This means that everyone might not be at their best and you might be more likely to experience arguments or disagreements than you would otherwise. 

Emotional Instability
Travelling or moving to a new home can make people a bit more emotionally vulnerable. If you haven’t found a place to settle yet or someone in your family is uncomfortable or afraid to leave their old home, then this can bring a lot of emotional issues to the surface.

These issues can lead to devastating arguments or problems. Fortunately, these issues can be dealt with before they become a significant issue.

Seeing a New Side of Your Partner
When you’re moving or travelling, you and your spouse might both be pushed to limits in a way that you never have before. This can be unsettling for both and can prove to challenge the relationship. You or your partner may act rash or behave in a way that you didn’t know each other were capable of.

Managing the Difficulties
While there may be a lot of issues that can emerge as a result of travel & home planning, there are just about as many solutions.

- Seek marriage counselling. A marriage counsellor will be well-versed in helping people cope with stressful situations like this. You could even consider e-counselling for marriage. Just remember that speaking with a licensed therapist is your best bet.

- Talk to friends and family. They can offer reassurance and can help guide you through the experience if they’ve already done so.

- Take a breather. If you’re getting stressed, make a point of slowing down. Big decisions like this aren’t always the best to make quickly, and if you’re both feeling stressed out, it could be wise to take some more time to decide.

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