Tips to remember when buying a used car

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There are many reasons why people choose to buy a second hand car. The main reason is usually cost as it is usually cheaper to purchase a second hand car than a brand new one. Not to mention the depreciation value is less on a second hand car also. The used car market is saturated with cars, with everything from cheap runaround cars to more luxury cars there really is something for everyone. However, with all the choice comes uncertainty especially when something seems too good to be true but there are certain tips to help clear the murky waters of second hand car buying.

Choose a reliable dealer

Many of the main car dealerships all have an approved used car section. These cars will be made to look and feel like new and will often come with extended warranties from the dealership. Whilst this way of purchasing a used car can often add peace of mind, it is often the more expensive way to purchase a second hand vehicle. 

Another alternative is looking at reliable independent dealers such as KAP Motors. KAP Motors offer used Ford cars in Brighton at the best local prices and have a wide selection to choose from. Using a trustworthy dealer can provide reassurance should anything happen post sale, which you would not get with a private seller. 

Background research

Once you have found a car you like do a little background research. You may wish to look at how long the car you are interested in has been on the market for. Maybe have a look at the same car at other dealers to see if the price compares. Reading independent guides can also help to give some understanding of how well the car performs over time and as a second hand model.

Test drive

Always test drive any car before purchasing. When doing so drive on a variety of roads and conditions to see how the car performs. The car may handle very differently on the motorway when compared to town driving and it is important to be aware of these before purchasing. Check the brakes by performing an emergency stop and try hill starts to see how well they perform also.


Finally, remember that the tax on a vehicle is not transferable so once you purchase the vehicle you will need to tax it straight away.

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