May running update

Ok so I am fully aware that it is currently July but I have actually been really busy and June took a bit of a tumble which I shall cover later. In May I ran a total of 18 days and increased my number of days per week that I did run.

The majority of May was spent training with only one major race, the Dukeries 30. I really enjoyed the race and you can read a full report here. It was one of those races I left with no regrets. Although I know I could have run it faster I also thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My daughter set herself a challenge to complete the parkrun alphabet challenge this year. We have done so much touring together to try and collect some of the harder letters and we seemed to travel all over the country in May to do so

Whilst is wasn't my running achievement I am so proud of my daughter for winning her athletics club Winter league. She did amazing.

Little Man will on occasion sit in the running pushchair still and whilst he is getting heavier it does mean I can still get a run in. 

May saw me explore some new routes and make some new discoveries but I made the most of the warmer weather on my long runs.

We travelled all the way across the country as a family to undertake a parkrun and it was great spending time all together. Little Man tried to complete parkrun on his scooter, which actually turned into me carrying him and a scooter for 4.9km!

As well as running we also volunteer not just at parkrun but at races too. I love running with GB ultras and completing their races so a chance to volunteer for them at a relatively close race was fantastic. The girls decided to bake some treats the night before, which the runners appreciated and they loved handing out food to them as they ran through our check point.

I think my biggest achievement in May was completing my Guide runners course. After the accident last year where I temporarily lost my sight I decided I wanted to give something back. I have to say it was a really rewarding course and now my license has come through I am really looking forward to guiding.

In June is the boundary race and even though I wasn't taking part it gave me the perfect excuse to run one of my favourite routes, repeatedly! 

The end of May saw the kids off school with half term, with the nice weather we made the most of it with them riding bikes and me running alongside them. 

May was a good mix of running and volunteering. I covered 192km total distance and climbed 1073m elevation gain. My daughter made great progress on her alphabet challenge and we visited some lovely parkruns! 

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