The Boys

We’ve done something a little crazy and I am ever so excited. We have put down a deposit on not one but two Labradors. We went to see them at 2 days old and their Mum was just a well tempered and amazing dog, the puppies small with their eyes fused shut making squeaking noises. They were just a bundle of cuteness.

I am under no illusion that these small bundles will grow into large dogs. I have met their Mum and can see how big they will get, but honestly this just feels right. One of those decisions that sit peacefully with you and brings joy to you. As a family we simply cannot wait to bring them home.

Whilst we won’t be bringing them home until the end of November we are all beyond excited at welcoming our new additions. Even more so we are counting down the days until we can go and see them again. This time they should have their eyes open and be moving around a lot more. If you’ve any suggestions for names, they are both boys, please let me know as we are having lots of discussions around it!

For now though we are kept updated with regular pictures of the puppies and are loving watching them grow. One in particular seems to be developing rather a chubby tummy, and they are all growing a lot bigger. We haven’t picked the specific two out of the liter yet as we are waiting to see their individual personalities. Hopefully next time we go we will know a bit more. 

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