Ideas to make your home appear larger

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If you have little humans running around, along with all their general detritus it can be hard to make any room appear larger. But a bigger room, or at least the illusion of one can feel less claustrophobic, especially in winter months when everywhere is that little bit darker.

Use bright colours

It sounds simple but choosing bright warm colours for walls and floors will instantly create a feeling of space. A palette of off-white, blues and greens make rooms look more inviting too. To make a room appear cosier in winter use texture such as velvet seating, sheepskin rugs, and wool throws.

If you like a dark impactful colour, or a feature wall, paint skirting boards and picture rails and cornices in a light colour, ideally crisp white. To make ceilings appear higher, paint above the picture rail in the same colour as the rest of the wall.

Avoid one central light

In most homes the main lighting comes from one single pendant light. Instead, opt for multiple light sources using smaller lamps, ideally on dimmer switches. Not only will this spread light around the room but will add ambiance too.

If you can’t tear yourself away from having a ‘big light’ it’s worth investing in a chandelier- style pendant with glass or crystal to reflect light around the room.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors can help bounce light around a room and create the illusion of space. Free standing mirrors look great propped up against a wall, especially in a bedroom or hallway. Like picture walls, mirror walls create a great feature. Use a mirror wall, or a combination of images and mirrors in a dining or living room.

Mirrors can also be used in the garden to elongate your outside space. Attach them to walls or hide amongst shrubbery to subtly reflect light.

Choose the right furniture

Avoid having furniture up against a wall. Instead, pull it a couple of inches away to create the illusion of space and openness. Seating with exposed legs is perfect for small living rooms, as it allows light to pass underneath.

Folding furniture, or items that be can be made larger or smaller, such as dining tables are ideal for making a smaller space work for you.

Furniture that doubles up as storage works wonders. Large ottomans that can also hide toys work equally well as a coffee table and are perfect for play rooms- come living rooms.

Avoid clutter

Easier said than done but follow the larger/fewer method and not only will your rooms appear larger, but they’ll also feel more expensive. Choose large vases and ornaments, and try not to over-fill a shelf. Instead, leave half the shelf empty and exposed to add to the illusion of space.

By making some simple changes, you can transform your home.

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