Introducing the boys

At the end of November on a very wet Friday afternoon I picked up two labrador puppies, Dog A and Dog B. This was how they were registered at the vets as we hadn’t given them names yet and it has kind of stuck. The two boys huddled together in the footwell of my car, a little scared and confused. I wrapped them up in a blanket and placed them securely in their pen before surprising the kids. They were smitten.

It didn’t take long for Dog A to find his feet and he seems to grow more and more in confidence every day. He loves to explore but in equal measures is a scaredy cat. A dog barks and he comes running straight back to me. Dog B on the other hand loves cuddles and is not really all that bothered about exploring the world on his own. He likes to be by your side, and really is my second shadow. 

When the boys arrived they weighed just over 5kg each and were 8 weeks old. At their 12 week check up they weighed just over 10kgs. They have probably doubled in size too. Their paws seem to be getting bigger and their legs longer. I would say they are both bigger than J was but yet they still have a lot of puppy cuteness. Dog B is bigger than Dog A, but he does like his food and this is the only time I have ever seen him show any dominance over Dog A. 

The boys are getting better with their house training. They know if they sit by the door we open it for them to go outside but sometimes they don’t give us enough time to get to the door. They are getting there though it just takes time. They both know their names and are incredibly intelligent. Training such as sit, leave and come they have 99% of the time and we start formal training classes shortly.

They really have settled into the family and love to play. The children love them and I can’t imagine not having them.

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